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12PM Find New Intern

Worker #1: Yeah, maybe he wasn’t the best intern.
Worker #2: How was I supposed to know he’d go off his meds?
Worker #1: He sure did love opening mail, though.
Worker #2: Yeah. He sure did love opening mail.

270 Lafayette Street
New York, NY

9AM Back to Work

Co-worker #1: Who was in the bathroom just a minute ago?
Co-worker #2: I don’t know.
Co-worker #1: Someone was in there taking a dump, and I could see under the stall that he had his shoes off.
Co-worker #2: Wait, like barefoot?
Co-worker #1: Well, with his socks on. Who would take their shoes off, though?
Co-worker #3: I don’t know, but I think I might start doing that. Not a bad idea!

712 South McClintock Drive
Tempe, Arizona

11AM Pay Bills

Customer: I want to pay my bill. I know it’s two months overdue, so I
wanted to come and pay it in person.
Customer Service: According to our records they shut off your cable today.
Customer: But they said I had until today to pay the bill.
Customer Service: Well, your cable has been shut off today.
Customer: But today’s not over yet!
Customer Service: It is for you.

11020 Flatlands Avenue
Brooklyn, New York

Overheard by: Paul