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How about I Shoot You in the Temple and We’ll See Which Way You Recoil

Boss: I want to put new labels on these binders. The labels must be capitalized and all face the same way. [Tilts head to the left, and then to the right] I am just not sure which way I want them to face. I don’t know if I prefer to tilt my head to the left, [tilts head again to the left], or if I prefer tilting to the right.

Santa Cruz, California

The Gun In My Hand Will Be the Tip-Off

Guy #1: Hey, I thought you left already. When is your last day?
Guy #2: No, I’m still here until Thursday. Why?
Guy #1: I just wanted to know when you’re still just working here and when I should call security.

7-Eleven, 3rd Avenue
New York, New York

And She Keeps Track of What STDs I Have

Customer, running: What aisle are your condoms in?
Cashier: Oh, um… aisle seven.
Customer: Thanks! Quick, quick, I’ve got the girl in the cab!
20-something guy behind him: Oooh, picked up a girl in the bar, eh? What’s her name?
Customer: Don’t know — all I know is my wife is in Seattle.

Walgreens, 4th Avenue
Brooklyn, New York

Overheard by: Other Cashier