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What a Fu­loz­er

CSR on phone: And what size prod­uct do you have?
Cus­tomer: Where do I find that?
CSR: It should be on the front of the la­bel, prob­a­bly on the bot­tom.
Cus­tomer: No, it’s not there. All it says there is ‘Eight fu­lo­zos.‘
CSR: Uh… Do you mean ‘Eight flu­id ounces’?
Cus­tomer: No… It says ‘Fu­lo­zos.’

1905 As­ton Av­enue
Carls­bad, Cal­i­for­nia

‘Good-Enough Par­ent­ing’ Is a Fair­ly Elas­tic Con­cept

Cowork­er #1: So, your daugh­ter’s learn­ing to walk yet?
Cowork­er #2: Nah, not yet, but she can stand up, and she falls down the stairs re­al good.
Cowork­er #1: What?
Cowork­er #2: Yeah, she did that last night. Scared me re­al good.
Cowork­er #1: Eh, don’t wor­ry. Once, I dropped mine from a good height. About three or four feet. I did­n’t wor­ry, ’cause she start­ed laugh­ing.

De­part­ment of Home­land Se­cu­ri­ty
Wash­ing­ton, DC

Over­heard by: scared of hav­ing chil­dren

A Whack­ing Good Rea­son

Fe­male cus­tomer #1: They have lo­tion in the wom­en’s bath­room that is phe­nom­e­nal.
Fe­male cus­tomer #2: There was a line for the wom­en’s room, so the own­er let me use the men’s room when no­body was in it. They did­n’t have any lo­tion in there.
Man: There’s prob­a­bly a good rea­son for that.

3520 Erie Av­enue
Cincin­nati, Ohio

Over­heard by: Please tell me you washed your hands