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Could We Talk about Baltimore Again, Please?

White coworker: So, you’re from Baltimore, right?
Black coworker: No, everyone thinks all there is to Maryland is Baltimore. I’m actually from a small town called Upper Marlboro, which is closer to D.C.
White coworker: Really? Baltimore is cool. Is where you’re from like Baltimore?
Black coworker: Oh, no, it’s very different. In fact, people from Baltimore don’t like people from P.G. so much. They say we’re bourgeois, stuck up, and that we act like white people. But we don’t act white, we just have money.

29th Street
New York, New York

Overheard by: Laughing inside

Can We Say I’m in St. Tropez?

Teen boy: I want you to keep writing for the school newspaper. You can be our foreign correspondent!
Teen girl: Foreign? I’m not foreign just because I left the school.
Teen boy: Yes, you are. You’re so far now.
Teen girl: I’m on the other side of Scarborough, and you’re saying I might as well be in Bolivia!
Teen boy: We can say you are, if you want.

Ontario Universities’ Fair, Metro Toronto Convention Centre
Toronto, Ontario

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