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A Recent Graduate of Turnip Truck University

Employee: I’d like to work the booth. I could be good at that. I’d like to travel, and go to trade shows.
Manager: You’d have to educate yourself so you can speak to clients about what we do here. You’d also have to work some weekends.
Employee: Do I get paid?
Manager: You get travel for free – meals, hotel, airfare.
Employee: Wow.
Manager: And of course your regular paycheck.
Employee: Is this scheme widely known in the company??

Rochelle Park
New Jersey

What Happens When You Use Google China

Office manager: Civil War Battlefield Protection, how can I help you?
Woman on phone: Yes, I’m trying to find information on the Civil War and I just can’t.
Office manager: Well, have you tried the internet?
Woman: Yes, I typed "Civil War" into Google and NOTHING comes up on the Civil War.
Office manager: …Really?
Woman: Yes… so can you tell me who was in the Civil War?
Office manager: That would be the northern states and the southern states.
Woman: Not the British?
Office manager: Um, that was the Revolutionary War.

13th Street & H Street
Washington, DC

Overheard by: Astonished