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Bim­bo Break­through

Bim­bo #1: I got­ta go, I can’t be late to my class. It’s im­por­tant.
Bim­bo #2: What class?
Bim­bo #1: So­ci­ol­o­gy. And by im­por­tant, I mean I’m prob­a­bly go­ing to fail it.

1000 Uni­ver­si­ty Place
New­port News, Vir­ginia

It’s Hard to Keep All Those For­mer So­vi­et States Straight

Girl: Hey, Pe­te*, are you feel­ing smart to­day?
Guy #1: Maybe, why?
Girl: Do you know if Ko­rea is a sep­a­rate coun­try, or is it, like, part of Chi­na or Japan?
Guy #1: I have no idea. Why do you need to know?
Girl: I’m try­ing to look up UPS rates for Ko­rea, but I can’t find Ko­rea.
Guy #1: Troy*!
Guy #2: Yes?
Guy #1: Is Ko­rea a sep­a­rate coun­try from Chi­na or Japan?
Guy #2: Yes.
Girl: OK, well, I can’t find it on the drop-down. Is it called some­thing else?
Guy #2: Re­pub­lic of Ko­rea?
Girl: No.
Guy #2: South Ko­rea?
Girl: Oh… OK, there it is!

Phoenix, Ari­zona