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But I Play One on TV

M.D. #1: Hey, look! They named their kid Babygirl!
M.D. #2: No way, that’s hilarious!
Janitor: Actually, it just means they haven’t named their child yet and that it’s a baby girl.
M.D. #1: Are you a doctor?
M.D. #2: I bet he’s not even a doctor.
Janitor: [walks away]

GroupHealth Cooperative
Lacey, Washington

Overheard by: lauren

He Was Much Worse Before the Diversity Training

Suit: You’re Asian, so I bet you want tea. We Americans like our morning coffee.
Asian interviewee #1: No, I had Starbucks on the way here.
Suit: We Americans like milk in our coffee. Asians drink it black, right?
Asian interviewee #2: No, I take mine light and sweet.
Suit: Well, you still wanna work here, right?

New York, New York

Overheard by: Laughing in America

Next You’ll Be Claiming People Lived in Mexico Before the Spanish Colonized It!

Customer: That’s a pretty name. Different.
Cashier: Yeah, you don’t see it much up here. It’s Mexican.
Customer: Don’t you mean it’s Spanish?
Cashier: No, it’s Mexican in origin.
Customer: Racist.

Sprague and Sullivan
Spokane, Washington

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I’ll Bet the Fax Machine Will Be More Understanding

Speaker on fax machine: Listen, you freakin’ idiot, this is the third time in five minutes you’re tryin’ to fax something to a phone number.
Employee in adjacent cubicle, two minutes later: Yeah, hi, this is the freakin’ idiot… [loud squelching]… shit, now I dialed their fax number.

Georgesville Road
Columbus, Ohio

Overheard by: laughing in next cubicle