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He Was Much Worse Be­fore the Di­ver­si­ty Train­ing

Suit: You’re Asian, so I bet you want tea. We Amer­i­cans like our morn­ing cof­fee.
Asian in­ter­vie­wee #1: No, I had Star­bucks on the way here.
Suit: We Amer­i­cans like milk in our cof­fee. Asians drink it black, right?
Asian in­ter­vie­wee #2: No, I take mine light and sweet.
Suit: Well, you still wan­na work here, right?

New York, New York

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Next You’ll Be Claim­ing Peo­ple Lived in Mex­i­co Be­fore the Span­ish Col­o­nized It!

Cus­tomer: That’s a pret­ty name. Dif­fer­ent.
Cashier: Yeah, you don’t see it much up here. It’s Mex­i­can.
Cus­tomer: Don’t you mean it’s Span­ish?
Cashier: No, it’s Mex­i­can in ori­gin.
Cus­tomer: Racist.

Sprague and Sul­li­van
Spokane, Wash­ing­ton

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I’ll Bet the Fax Ma­chine Will Be More Un­der­stand­ing

Speak­er on fax ma­chine: Lis­ten, you freakin’ id­iot, this is the third time in five min­utes you’re tryin’ to fax some­thing to a phone num­ber.
Em­ploy­ee in ad­ja­cent cu­bi­cle, two min­utes lat­er: Yeah, hi, this is the freakin’ id­iot… [loud squelch­ing]… shit, now I di­aled their fax num­ber.

Georgesville Road
Colum­bus, Ohio

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They’re Just Mad About the Whole ‘Cana­dia’ Thing

CEO: I read a study that said that 50% of Cana­di­ans dis­ap­prove of Amer­i­cans.
Em­ploy­ee: Yeah, I guess they just don’t agree with many of the US’s re­cent ac­tions.
CEO: No, it’s be­cause they’re jeal­ous of Amer­i­cans.
Em­ploy­ee: Err, that’s per­haps a some­what US-cen­tric view…
CEO: I’ve been to Cana­da. I’ve seen it first­hand. They are very jeal­ous of us.
Em­ploy­ee: Ac­tu­al­ly, now that you men­tion it, I’m sur­prised it was on­ly 50%.

Fred­er­ick, Mary­land

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