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It’s All About Scheduling, Yo

Counter girl: Did I tell you I almost got locked up last night?
Male customer: Fo’ what?
Counter girl: I took my homegirl’s car and rode over to my baby daddy’s momma house. Po-lice got me going through a light. I was like, “Shit, man, I got weed and a rock in my joint, and my shit’s suspended, yo.”
Male customer: That’s some Cops shit, girl!
Girl: Fo’ reals…But I worked my way out with a warning, got my baby, went home, and smoked that shit.

11th Street & F Street
Washington, DC

Overheard by: suddenly not hungry

He Has Those Shifty Eyes

Teacher: “Uncertain.” What does “uncertain” mean?
7-Year-Old boy: Like you’re not sure about it?
Teacher: Good! What’s an example of something you’re uncertain about?
7-Year-Old boy, after thinking for a moment: God.

1554 Sepulveda Boulevard
Los Angeles, California