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3PM Snack Run

Male supervisor: Give Janet* one of those chocolate pretzel things. Because she’s going on vacation and doesn’t have to fit into a bathing suit this weekend.
Janet*, aside: I swear, random people have been coming up to me all day asking about my supposed nude beach trip to Jamaica.
Male supervisor: Let it all hang out, baby.

473 Ridge Road
Dayton, New Jersey

Overheard by: office peon

10AM Jury Selection

Defense attorney: Good morning prospective ladies and gentlemen — I mean, jurors.

125 East 8th Avenue
Eugene, Oregon

Overheard by: the unchosen

10AM Shooting On Location

Crackhead: I know you… you are that guy from TV.
Ryan Seacrest: Yeah… it’s me
Crackhead: You’re that guy from Fear Factor.
Ryan Seacrest: No… I’m on that other show, American Idol… You might have heard of it?
Crackhead: Look at me… I ain’t got no TV.

6th Street
Austin, Texas

9AM Back to Work

Attorney Jim*: So is this what the embarassed silence sounds like?
Attorney Keith*: Yes. I feel awful.
Attorney Lou*: I’d give Jim’s right nut to be asleep right now.
Keith: Totally. I don’t know what time you guys left, but I didn’t get home until 2.
Jim: I’m not sure what time we left either. But the tattoo parlor was closed. That I’m definite on.
Keith: Oh, that’s too bad. I wish the room would stop spinning.
Attorney Mark*: I feel amazing today. There is nothing like coming in completely hungover and talking to Natasha* about how retarded she is. Lou, I killed you in our drink contest. You had like five wines. You’re a lightweight.
Jim: Hey Mark, how’s that hickey on the side of you face, you homo?

717 Madison Place NW
Washington, DC