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2PM Re­view Can­di­dates

Boss #1: We can use [Derek] as our field su­per­vi­sor; he knows how to do the work.
Boss #2: Is he still a drunk?
Boss #1: Yeah. His wife left him.
Boss #2: He has al­ways been a drinker.
Boss #1: So we’ll put him in charge of every­thing and he can run the crews. We’ll pay his ex­pens­es and give him the com­pa­ny truck.
Boss #2: Okay. Sounds good to me. Maybe stuff will start get­ting done now.

8221 NW Ex­press­way Street
Ok­la­homa City, Ok­la­homa

11AM Comps Due

Man­ag­er: Why are you send­ing me comps at 1:30 in the morn­ing?
De­sign­er: Be­cause I want­ed to work on them at home, and then when I was home I could­n’t work on them un­til Love­line was on the air and I could lis­ten to some re­la­tion­ship ad­vice at the same time.
Man­ag­er: Oh, that makes per­fect sense.

2001 Lind Av­enue SW
Ren­ton, Wash­ing­ton

4PM Project Meet­ing

Meet­ing Lead: The cus­tomer want­ed an­oth­er drop­down here for more de­tail. They have “Cat­e­go­ry” and “Sub-Cat­e­go­ry” but they want an­oth­er one be­low “Sub-Cat­e­go­ry”. I sug­gest­ed “Sub-Sub-Cat­e­go­ry”.

11 East Su­pe­ri­or Street
Du­luth, Min­neso­ta

2PM Make Reser­va­tions

Man­ag­er: [Ben], just go ahead and re­serve two spots for me.
As­sis­tant #1: Did you just say [Jef­frey]?
Man­ag­er: What? No, I said [Ben].
As­sis­tant #1: Well, I heard my name.
Man­ag­er: ‘Cause youre a nar­cis­sist! [Ben], don’t you think he’s a
As­sis­tant #2: I plead the Fifth.
Man­ag­er: C’­mon [Ben], don’t be a pussy!
As­sis­tant #2: I’m go­ing to be a pussy! I’m new!

270 Lafayette Street
New York, NY

11AM Mon­i­tor Calls

Ju­nior Help Desk Agent: Noth­ing makes her hap­py. All she does is com­plain. I would hate to be her hus­band.
Se­nior Help Desk Agent: Uh, Joe, that is the speak­er­phone but­ton, not the on-hold but­ton.
User on speak­er: Do you think you can stop rant­i­ng and help “the bitch” now?

8001 De­vel­op­ment Dri­ve
Re­search Tri­an­gle Park, North Car­oli­na

Over­heard by: EL Gee