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12PM Department Meeting?

Manager: It’s just our department in this meeting, [the other department] isn’t coming.
Supervisor: How do you know?
Manager: I went to [Brenda] and asked where her meeting is, and she said she doesn’t have a meeting.
Employee: So if this is our meeting, where are we supposed to be?
Supervisor: I reserved the conference room for my meeting, but the door is closed. Is this my meeting?
Manager: I think so. It’s nobody else’s.
Supervisor: So then, where are we going?

535 Routes 6 & 209
Milford, Pennsyvlania

9AM Back to Work

News rep #1: The reporter wants an expert on idols and graven images…Is it “graven” or “craven”? I couldn’t really hear him.
News rep #2: I don’t know, let me look it up…”Craven: Characterized by abject fear; cowardly.”
News rep #1: Hmm…I don’t know…Is it “graven” or “craven” images?
Director of News: It’s “craven”. Definitely. Those words always go together: craven images.

200 South Craig Street
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania