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Why You Hire Talking Dogs Is Beyond Me

Male employee: I want you to know, Cindy* will be complaining to you about something I said to her. It’s all a lie, though.
Manager #1: Oookay…
Male employee: She’s gonna say I called her a ‘dirty fucking cunt.‘
Manager #2: Ohhh, boy…
Male employee: But it’s bullshit. I called her a ‘dirty fucking bitch.’ I don’t use the ‘C’-word.

Circle Centre Mall
Indianapolis, Indiana

Overheard by: Shatmandu

I Probably Would Never Do That with a Real Baby

Girl #1: Um, where is your baby?
Girl #2: What?
Girl #1: Your baby — where is it?
Girl #2: Shit.
Girl #1: You forgot it, didn’t you? You know those things have computer chips in them that register every time it cries or burps or poops, right? Your grade depends on that chip’s happiness!
Girl #2: Um, I think I left it in my boyfriend’s truck… since Thursday.

Home Economics class, Ironwood High School
Tucson, Arizona

Maybe You Should Stop Sleeping with Sailors

Lady coworker #1 standing in hospital cafeteria line: Wow. Cod again? Why can’t they have a bigger variety of seafood?
Lady coworker #2: It would be great if they would serve something besides fish, like shrimp or crab.
Lady coworker #1: Shellfish is always best when it’s fresh, though. Whenever I go to the East Coast I always come back with crabs.

2801 W Oklahoma Avenue
Milwaukee, Wisconsin