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Of Course If We Fire Her, We’ll Have the Ex­pense of Train­ing An­oth­er Scream­er

Gen­er­al man­ag­er: Should we fire Mis­sy*? She was scream­ing at you in front of oth­er em­ploy­ees.
Man­ag­er #1: I don’t know. What does Mis­sy* feel we should do to her?
Gen­er­al man­ag­er: Uh, I did­n’t ask her.
Man­ag­er #2: She thinks we should buy her a piz­za and give her a raise. What the fuck do you think she feels we should do to her?

In­di­anapo­lis, In­di­ana

C’­mon, I’ll Dri­ve You Over to It

Em­ploy­ee: I can take you right to the land­scap­ing sec­tion. Let’s take the el­e­va­tor here.
Cus­tomer: Boy, you re­al­ly like to pam­per these fat-assed peo­ple, huh. You know Texas is one of the fat­test states in the na­tion? Don’t you have stairs?
Em­ploy­ee: We have an es­ca­la­tor.

1217 W State High­way 114
Grapevine, Texas