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Canadians Keep Zoloft in the Water Supply For Moments Like This

CSR on speakerphone: Hey, when am I going to get my email fixed? I have things that I need to send out to clients.
IT guy: Oh, yeah, we sent you an email requesting some more information. We need you to send that email back before we can fix your issue…Hello? Are you sending that email?

CSR disconnects the call.

CSR: I’m going on break now.

1616 27th Avenue NE
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Aren’t Asians Supposed to Be Smart?

Interviewer: Have you ever had to deal with rude or irate clients over the telephone?
Asian interviewee: Yes, at my last job I had to call the USA, and you know how rude they can be.
Interviewer: Yes, I know all too well, considering I am American and so is this company. This interview is now finished. Try not to hit my car on your way out of the parking lot…You know how Asians can’t drive!

Toronto, Ontario

Overheard by: Elle (the other interviewer)

That’s Different From What He Said Last Week at the Office Party

Boss: Does anyone have any questions?

Employee asks involved question.

Boss: You know what? I have a million questions that you cannot answer.
Employee: But you asked if anyone had any questions.
Boss: Yeah, and if I asked if anyone had to go to the bathroom, I wouldn’t expect you to whip it out and take a whiz right here.

Stamford, Connecticut

Overheard by: Spacing Out

Yeah, I Think the Nigerians Took that Over in the ’50s

Co-Worker #1: So is Mumbai, like, a country that we do business with?
Co-Worker #2: No, it’s a city! It used to be called Bombay before those imperialist American jerks finally pulled out and the native people got their land back.
Co-Worker #1: Oh. So it was Moscow that was the country I was thinking of?
Co-Worker #2: Probably.

323B 41st Avenue
Calgary, Canadia