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Eudora Downs Sydrome

Agent: Thank you for calling the help desk. Can I have your first and last name, please?
Customer: Is Eudora down?
Agent: Um, Eudora is a program that is isolated on your computer. It is not a system or network of everyone’s email.
Customer: Is Eudora [campus email] down?
Agent: No.
Customer: I’ll call my cable company.

Customer hangs up.

University of Wisconsin
Madison, Wisconsin

Overheard by: Brandon

Dibs on His Fur Coat

Staffer: I understand you want to complete a living will.
Patient: That’s right.
Staffer: Do you know what this means?
Patient: Yes, it means I don’t want to be kept alive if I’m in a persistent vegetarian state.

10 Medical Center Boulevard
Winston-Salem, North Carolina