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3PM Wa­ter Cool­er

Co-work­er #1: I don’t like space, or as­tro­nauts.
Co-work­er #2: Why?
Co-work­er #1: Well, this one time I was at the Kennedy Space Cen­ter when I was a lit­tle kid and there was a stat­ue of an as­tro­naut at the end of the mu­se­um and when I got close to it, it moved and it re­al­ly scared me.
Co-work­er #2: Ooh, that’s freaky!
Co-work­er #1: Yeah. That’s why I don’t like space.

250 Har­bor Dri­ve
Stam­ford, Con­necti­cut

4PM Tin­sel Every­thing

Work­er #1: Must be nice to have so much time to put up all these frig­gin christ­mas dec­o­ra­tions.
Work­er #2: You have time. You just nev­er dec­o­rate.
Work­er #1: That’s right, every­one knows not to touch my area. I’d be pissed if they did.
Work­er #2: Hmm…wait till to­mor­row, I think I’ll piss you off with some hol­i­day cheer.
Work­er #1: Go ahead, I’ll just take it down. What a waste My hus­band does that crap at home too!

3949 Jef­fer­son Road
Ashtab­u­la, Ohio

2PM IT Con­fer­ence Call

Tech Sup­port: Okay, I need you to go to a com­mand prompt and type
“ ‘mail from:’ your email ad­dress” and this should get you a con­nec­tion.
User: It did­n’t work.
Tech Sup­port: Okay, so you typed “ ‘mail from:’ your email ad­dress” and it did­n’t work for you?
User: Wait a minute. Did you say you want­ed me to type “nail” or “mail”?

1010 Ni­a­gara Street
Buf­fa­lo, New York

5PM I’m Rush­ing Home

Co-work­er: Can you help me out here? I’ve got kind of a rush go­ing on.
Un­der­ling: Sure, what can I help you with?
Co-Work­er: Oh, wait. Hold on. I don’t mean “rush” like I’m do­ing a line of co­caine. I mean rush like I’m busy.

901 Mis­sion Street
San Fran­cis­co, Cal­i­for­nia