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11AM Con­fer­ence As­sign­ments

De­part­ment Head: You don’t get to choose what the con­fer­ence is on, there is a pre-set list and they will be al­lo­cat­ed around the team.
Co-work­er: In that case I think I’ll run a con­fer­ence on Pathfind­ers.

Web­sters Rop­ery
Rop­ery Road, Sun­der­land

Over­heard by: Jen­nifer Steven­son

4PM Call [Cold­Co]

Own­er #1: We need to get the freez­er fixed.
Own­er #2: Well, we can call [Cold­Co].
Own­er #1: [Cold­Co] raped us last time!
Own­er #2: True. But this way at least we know our rapist.

201 North 78th Street
Om­a­ha, Ne­bras­ka

12PM Up­date Site

Busi­ness Ser­vices Man­ag­er: I just sent you that lo­go in Word for­mat.
Web Man­ag­er: Word is­n’t re­al­ly an im­age for­mat, but I can prob­a­bly make it work.
Busi­ness Ser­vices Man­ag­er: Well, I prob­a­bly have it in an­oth­er for­mat. I think I might have it as a Gi­raffe.

211 Com­merce Street
Nashville, Ten­nessee