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Um, Actually

Office girl #1: Anyway, that’s how this giant hoo-hah got started in the first place.
(snickering comes from nearby cubicles)
Office girl #1: What? Did I use the wrong word?
Office girl #2: Well, that depends on what you’re talking about.
Boss man: I think you mean ‘hoopla,” but you basically just said “giant vagina.”

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Overheard by: freudianflip

12PM Install Spellcheck

Girl #1: How do you spell “apost to”?
Girl #2: What?
Girl #1: You know, like, “I’m apost to go the store.”
Girl #2: Do you mean “supposed to”?
Girl #1: Yeah. Is “apost to” not a real word?

111 E. Wacker Boulevard
Chicago, Illinois