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Actually, I’m More of a Cylon

Email: Let’s welcome Joe Smith to the company. He will report to Bill Scott.
Copywriter #1: I find it distressing when I don’t recognize the names of the supervisors. Are you sure Mr. Scott isn’t really a robot?
Copywriter #2: Mr. Scott has been with this organization for at least three years. He is not a robot…or if he is, they did a damn good job making him look human.
Copywriter #3: Sounds like something a fembot would say.

Wausau, Wisconsin

5PM Hell, Take All Weekend

Sales: [Diana] is freaking out. What should I tell her?
Consultant: Just tell her to chill.
Sales: Well, how long should I tell her to chill?
Consultant: Until the next episode.

2135 Rimrock Road
Madison, Wisconsin