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3PM Cof­fee Break

EA: …she’s still learn­ing to change a di­a­per and all that.
Suit: Re­al­ly?
EA: Yeah, but it’s been ex­tra hard emo­tion­al­ly be­cause our fam­i­ly is re­al­ly strict and my dad still can’t ad­mit to him­self that this hap­pened. All he’s said is, “I sent you to pri­vate school! Don’t they have sex ed there?” and “How could this hap­pen?” Which does­n’t help her at all.
Suit: No, prob­a­bly not.
EA: It’s like, “Dad, the ba­by is al­ready here, get a grip.” But, well, she’s the ba­by of the fam­i­ly and I guess we all know how fa­thers are.
Suit: No, ac­tu­al­ly, I don’t. I nev­er met mine.

40 IDX Dri­ve
South Burling­ton, Ver­mont

Over­heard by: Bub­ble Wrap THIS

10AM Re­view

Work­er: Can you re­view this for me?
Man­ag­er: Why are you ask­ing me all the time?
Work­er: Be­cause you’re my team leader.
Man­ag­er: There are no team lead­ers any­more.
Work­er: What? Yes, there are.
Man­ag­er: No, there aren’t.
Work­er: Well, I asked [Jesse] yes­ter­day, and he said he could­n’t do it be­cause he was­n’t my team leader. Why would he say that if there aren’t team lead­ers any­more?
Man­ag­er: Be­cause he did­n’t want to do your re­view.

137 Iro­quois Av­enue
Es­sex Junc­tion, Ver­mont

11AM Cold Call­ing

Tele­mar­keter: My name is [Adam Ran­dor], ma’am…[Adam Ran­dor], ma’am…Ma’am like madam, madamoiselle…No, my name is­n’t ma’am…No, my name is [Adam Ran­dor], ma’am…[Adam Ran­dor]. Would Senori­ta work bet­ter?

130 West Canal Street
Winoos­ki, Ver­mont

Over­heard by: Kel­ly G.

I’ve Re­al­ly Watched His, Uh, Prac­tice Grow.

Pa­tient on phone: I would like to make an ap­point­ment to see Dr. Rad­cliff*
CSR: Okay, have you seen Dr. Rad­cliff be­fore or are you a new pa­tient?
Pa­tient: Well, he’s been in me three times be­fore (re­fer­ring to stent placed in heart and legs) So he’s pret­ty much my doc­tor al­ready!
CSR: Okkkkkk… (ner­vous chuck­le)

Burling­ton, Ver­mont

Over­heard by: TMI