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I Probably Would Never Do That with a Real Baby

Girl #1: Um, where is your baby?
Girl #2: What?
Girl #1: Your baby — where is it?
Girl #2: Shit.
Girl #1: You forgot it, didn’t you? You know those things have computer chips in them that register every time it cries or burps or poops, right? Your grade depends on that chip’s happiness!
Girl #2: Um, I think I left it in my boyfriend’s truck… since Thursday.

Home Economics class, Ironwood High School
Tucson, Arizona

He Learned Science in Kansas

Male geology TA: So yeah, I had this student in lab today who asked me, ‘So, are these minerals… are these, like, things that can be found, like, out there…? Like, in the real world?‘
Female grad student: What? Really?
Male geology TA: Yeah, it just blew his mind that this stuff actually existed in the real world.

Geoscience department, University of Iowa
Iowa City, Iowa

Overheard by: another grad student

Thanks for the Gratuitous Prejudice, Though

Freshman #1: So I talked to my ex-girlfriend from high school this weekend. She’s totally changed and she’s dating this jerkish guy.
Freshman #2: Turkish, or jerk-ish?
Random chick turning around to join conversation: I hate Turkish people.
Freshman #1: Jerkish.

University of Texas
Austin, Texas

Overheard by: thinking she was armenian