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12PM Lunch

Cowork­er: Who won the World Cup game?
Su­per­vi­sor: Ghana beat the U.S.
Cowork­er: Aw, I want­ed the U.S. to win!
Su­per­vi­sor: Why? The U.S. wins every­thing. That’s why we have the Olympics.

1145 East 4th Street
Tuc­son, Ari­zona

Over­heard by: Rasputin

And I Was Like, “Mis­sion Ac­com­plished!”

Fe­male cowork­er #1: By that time I was drunk enough to run in there my­self. So I bought one of ’em. It was like a reg­u­lar con­dom, but it had these lit­tle pink things…
Fe­male cowork­er #2: You bought a french tick­ler?
Fe­male cowork­er #1: Yeah! So we blew it up at our ta­ble and start­ed us­ing it as a vol­ley­ball. It was re­al­ly fun for a while, and then I spiked it in­to the priest’s head and we were asked to leave the re­cep­tion.

Al­bany, New York

Over­heard by: Dou­bled over Cowork­er

Should I Start Re­fer­ring to Yeast In­fec­tions As “In­fil­tra­tion of the De­fen­sive Line”?

Fe­male cowork­er #1: I’m sure *Mark hates be­ing the on­ly guy on these smoke breaks; es­pe­cial­ly when we start talk­ing about our vagi­na is­sues.
Fe­male cowork­er #2: That’s how I feel when y’all talk about foot­ball. Foot­ball is my vagi­na.

Sex Toy Com­pa­ny
Las Ve­gas, Neva­da

Over­heard by: Sex Writer God­dess