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10AM Coffee and Sudoku Break

Writer: All I really want in this life is to be able to solve a sudoku, just once. Without giving up halfway through.
Designer: Way to aim low.
Writer: Well…can I be honest? What I really want is to be better than you at sudoku.
Designer: That may be aiming too high. Let’s be realistic, at least.

16430 N Scottsdale Road
Scottsdale, Arizona

Overheard by: Miel Durand

11AM Tech Support

Customer rep on phone: No, ma’am. I’m sorry but I can’t come to your room and fix your equipment….because I’m not on the third floor. I’m in Denver and you’re in San Francisco.

11400 Westmoor
Denver, Colorado

Overheard by: losing patience

12PM Lunch

Waitress #1: The chicken is layered with proscuitto, sage, and pecorino cheese…
Customer snickers.
Waitress #1: What’s so funny?
Customer: It’s just… the cheese! [snickers again] Waitress #1 to waitress #2: What is funny about pecorino cheese?
Waitress # 2: You said “pecker.”

Victorian Square
Sparks, Nevada

Overheard by: waitress # 1