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Well, My Body Has Pen Pals

Korean teacher: Do you have a boyfriend?
English teacher: No.
Korean teacher: Don’t you get lonely?
English teacher: Not really.
Korean teacher: Doesn’t your… body get lonely?
English teacher: Did you really just say that?
Korean teacher: I’m not sexually harassing you! My English just isn’t good!

South Korea

You Did Just Telegraph the Whole World Wide Web

Professor #1: You know what I hate? There’s never any TP in the men’s room. You have to bring your own.
Professor #2: Yeah, I know. Unless you buy it at the vending machine.

Professor #1 unspools some paper from a roll on the coffee table.

Professor #1: I just hate using this roll. It’s like telegraphing the whole world you’ve gotta take a dump.

San 69-1
Churye 2-dong, Sasang-gu
Busan City, South Korea

Overheard by: KGB