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Well, My Body Has Pen Pals

Ko­re­an teacher: Do you have a boyfriend?
Eng­lish teacher: No.
Ko­re­an teacher: Don’t you get lone­ly?
Eng­lish teacher: Not re­al­ly.
Ko­re­an teacher: Does­n’t your… body get lone­ly?
Eng­lish teacher: Did you re­al­ly just say that?
Ko­re­an teacher: I’m not sex­u­al­ly ha­rass­ing you! My Eng­lish just is­n’t good!

South Ko­rea

You Did Just Tele­graph the Whole World Wide Web

Pro­fes­sor #1: You know what I hate? There’s nev­er any TP in the men’s room. You have to bring your own.
Pro­fes­sor #2: Yeah, I know. Un­less you buy it at the vend­ing ma­chine.

Pro­fes­sor #1 un­spools some pa­per from a roll on the cof­fee ta­ble.

Pro­fes­sor #1: I just hate us­ing this roll. It’s like telegraph­ing the whole world you’ve got­ta take a dump.

San 69–1
Churye 2‑dong, Sasang-gu
Bu­san City, South Ko­rea

Over­heard by: KGB