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2PM Customer Care

Passenger: Is this flight going to be full?
CSR #1: Yes, we expect a full flight today, sir.
Passenger: Why is that?
CSR #1: Um… well, I guess a lot of people made reservations, sir.
Passenger: Uh…No, I mean, it’s Tuesday. People don’t fly on Tuesdays.
CSR # 2, whispering to coworker: Wow! A talking dog! 

Avenida Tael S/N, MEX (Mexico City International Airport)

Overheard by: Trece

1PM Quality Control

Supervisor: You can’t be doing stuff wrong all the time.
Waitress: I’m not the only one doing stuff wrong. You do a lot wrong, too.
Supervisor: I can do more wrong because I do more right. It evens out.

1770 Mill Street
Wailuku, Hawaii

You Know What — I’ll Just Take a Water

Waiter to customer: I’m sorry, but we’re out of swiss. Would you like mozzarella or cheddar?
Customer: Swiss.
Waiter: No, we don’t have swiss. Do you want mozzarella or cheddar?
Customer: You don’t have swiss?
Waiter: Nope, but we do have mozzarella and cheddar.
Customer: That sucks!
Waiter: Yeah, I’m sorry. Would you like either mozzarella or cheddar?
Customer: What other cheeses do you have?
Waiter: Mozzarella and cheddar.
Customer: Don’t you have any other cheeses?

Salt Lake City, Utah