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I Nod­ded Off Dur­ing the Part About the Rain Forests

Gay dra­ma teacher: We’re go­ing to Mc­Don­ald’s, did you want us to pick some­thing up for you?
Hip­pie gui­tar teacher: No, I don’t eat there.
Gay dra­ma teacher: Why, be­cause of the movie Su­per­size Me?
Hip­pie gui­tar teacher: No, I stopped eat­ing there ever since they start­ed cut­ting down the rain forests to make room for more cow pas­tures for their meat.
Gay dra­ma teacher: So… then, you don’t want Mc­Don­alds?

1311 E Katel­la Ave
Or­ange, Cal­i­for­nia

What You Just Snort­ed Two of?

Read­ing tu­tor #1: It’s your turn.
Read­ing tu­tor #2: Shut up, I know. I’m think­ing. [Places let­ter on Scrab­ble board] There.
Read­ing tu­tor #3: What’s a gee-ram?
Read­ing tu­tor #2: Gram, you id­iot.

Lush­er El­e­men­tary School, Low­er­line and Wil­low
New Or­leans, Louisiana