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In This Show, They Just Have Sex with Each Oth­er

Male ma­chin­ist: So do you like don­keys and stuff?
Fe­male ma­chin­ist: What…? What do you mean?
Male ma­chin­ist: Ya know, like don­keys and hors­es…
Fe­male ma­chin­ist: Uh, why?
Male ma­chin­ist: We’re hav­ing a don­key and horse show this week­end. Oh! But not that kind.
Fe­male ma­chin­ist: Oh, good. You were weird­ing me out, man.

Rhode Is­land

Over­heard by: Fe­male Ma­chin­ist

If They Want to Find Syphilis, They Should In­quire with Bet­ty in Ac­count­ing

Man­ag­er: Well if they don’t fill out the forms right, they don’t get their shit. I have no sym­pa­thy for them…and you know what I say? If they want to find sym­pa­thy, they can look in the dic­tio­nary be­tween “shit” and “syphilis.”

Prov­i­dence, Rhode Is­land

Over­heard by: Katie M

3PM Smoke Break

Ac­counts Payable: I wish some­times I was tip­pin’ it at my desk.
Ac­counts Re­ceiv­able: Tip­pin’ what?
Ac­counts Payable: You know, the bot­tle.
Ac­counts Payable: Yeah, but you got­ta be a good al­co­holic, and at least show up for work every day. That’s what I do.

2000 Plain­field Pike
Cranston, Rhode Is­land