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Maybe Those Are Actually the Choices Down in Oz

Boss: Can you help me with this Word document? I want to change it so that the layout is horizontal instead of vertical.
Secretary: Okay, go into File, then Page Setup.
Boss: Yep.
Secretary: You see where it says “Page Source”?
Boss: Yep.
Secretary: Okay. Now you see where it says “Orientation”? Make your choice.
Boss: Gay or straight?

525 Collins Street
Melbourne, Victoria

Overheard by: Captain Pants

4PM Caren Out

Clerk #1: Why is she leaving now?
Clerk #2: She had to leave early to go get her brakes fixed. She was going on and on how they weren’t working this morning.
Clerk #1: So they’re going to start suddenly working now or is she just going to pray for green lights the whole way?

2121 Main Street
Buffalo, New York