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The Mistake Is Trying to Find Celebrities to Respect

Receptionist #1: Do you know who Jessica Simpson is dating?
Receptionist #2: No, I don’t care. … Who?
Receptionist #1: I read it in People so you know it’s true. You’re going to be so pissed.
Receptionist #2: Ok, who?
Receptionist #1: John Mayer!
Receptionist #2: Whaaaaaat?
Receptionist #1: I know, right?
Receptionist #2: Dude. What is with every celebrity guy I ever respected letting me down lately? First Jared Leto looking like a labia at the VMAs, now this?
Receptionist #1: At least it’s not Dane Cook.
Receptionist #2: I know. At least he’s preserved.
Receptionist #1: At least he wasn’t tainted by her taint.

Taunton, Massachusetts

Overheard by: kerily

2PM Client Meeting

Lawyer on phone: I don’t care what you want to do, just file the fucking report! Shut the fuck up and file the fucking thing!
Client: Yikes.
Secretary: He’s yelling at his other secretary.
Client: …Yeah, but–
Lawyer: I said file the fucking thing!
Secretary: It’s okay. She’s also his wife.

430 West First Street
New Albany, Indiana

2PM Conference

Conferenceperson: Could you please have a pot of coffee ready for my 2 o’clock meeting?
Secretary: Um, there’s a scheduled 1 hour long power outage at 1:30.
Conferenceperson: That’s okay, we have lights.

Computer Science Building
Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, New York