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Is There a Short­cut for That?

Of­fice girl #1: Is there a short­cut to delete some­thing in ex­cel?
Of­fice girl #2: Just hit delete.
Of­fice girl #1: Yeah but you know how Control‑c is copy and Control‑v is paste.
Of­fice girl #2: Well there is an ac­tu­al delete but­ton.
Of­fice girl #1: No, I know ‑I am just try­ing to save time.
Of­fice girl #2: Well hit­ting two but­tons is not go­ing to be quick­er than hit­ting one.
Of­fice girl #1: I know ‑but it’s a short­cut, you know?
Of­fice girl #2: Google it.

Cor­po­rate Pointe
Cul­ver City, Cal­i­for­nia

Over­heard by: Lyn