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3PM Coffee Break

Humanitarian #1: If only the Superdome were in better shape.
Humanitarian #2: I’ve been in the Superdome and the Astrodome.
Humanitarian #1: The Astrodome? Is that the Astros?
Humanitarian #2: No.
Humanitarian #1: What’s the Astrodome?
Humanitarian #2: It’s where the Astros played.
Humanitarian #1: Where do they play now?

1001 G Street NW
Washington, DC

For Instance, You No Longer Need to Purchase Gel.

Outgoing office assistant helping new one fill out HR paperwork: Wow! You look so different in your driver's license picture.
New assistant: Yeah, I was so much skinnier and my hair was so much better.
Outgoing office assistant: How is your hair different now?
New assistant: Well, you know when you're having a bunch of sex, your hair changes?

Nashville, Tennessee


Female intern: Another intern?
Male manager: Yup. You're not so new anymore.
Female intern: What's his name?
Male manager: Dick.
Female intern: Really? I know a Dick.
Male manager: Do you?
Female intern: Yeah, I know like three Dicks!

Richmond, Virginia

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