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They May Be Deltas

Guy #1: I re­al­ly want to find this book that I read in high school… It was called, like, Brave New World or some­thing.
Guy #2: Um, no, you’re think­ing of ‘I Can Show You the World.‘
Guy #1: Oh! … Wait, no, that’s that song from Al­addin.
Guy #2: Oh, yeah… So what sec­tion would it be in?
Guy #1: I don’t know, Fic­tion? No, wait — Non-fic­tion!

Barnes and No­ble
Sa­van­nah, Geor­gia

Over­heard by: Leia

I Sup­pose That Does Make It Worse, Sir

Ed­i­tor, on phone with read­er: Sir, the phrase “Stick a sock in it” is pret­ty com­mon. It’s a com­mon phrase.
[Pause.]Editor: It’s no one’s sock, sir. It’s not a threat.
[Pause.]Editor: Well, I dis­agree. I think it is a pret­ty com­mon phrase and I think every­one un­der­stood what I meant.
[Pause.]Editor: No, sir, it’s not my sock. It’s no­body’s sock.

Wal­nut Street
Green Bay, Wis­con­sin