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Wait, How Do You Spell It in a Fake British Ac­cent, Again?

Mid­dle-aged guy #1 look­ing at menu: Hey, man, they spelled ‘Cae­sar’ wrong.
Mid­dle-aged guy #2: What do you mean?
Mid­dle-aged guy #1: They spelled it C‑A-E-S-A‑R in­stead of C‑E-A-S-A‑R. They switched the ‘A’ and ‘E.‘
Mid­dle-aged guy #2: Yeah, I’ve seen it spelled that way be­fore. It’s, like, the au­then­tic Ro­man spelling.
Mid­dle-aged guy #1: Oh, yeah, they were al­ways do­ing crazy shit… Like back­ward V’s and stuff.

Sam Snead­’s Tav­ern
Shawnee on Delaware, Penn­syl­va­nia

Over­heard by: Lo­gan