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Fill It Up with Regular and Check the Tires, Please

Employee #1: May I take your order, please?
Drive-thru customer: I want a Double Whopper, plain — only cheese and a little mustard.
Employee #1: … I’m sorry, we don’t sell Double Whoppers here.
Customer: Oh, you don’t? Okay, let me get just a Whopper, then.
Employee #2: Sir, we don’t sell Whoppers. This is Wendy’s.
Customer, unfazed: Oh. Okay then.

1066 Independence Boulevard
Norfolk, Virginia

Overheard by: wage slave

12PM Goodbye/Welcome Lunch

Supervisor: Be sure to meet in the large conference room for the intern’s goodbye lunch at noon.
Employee: Is [Andrew] leaving?
Supervisor: No, it’s for [Brenda], [Andrew]‘s been hired full time, so no lunch.
Employee: Well, what about the new employee welcome lunch?
Supervisor: Okay, fine…it’s today at noon. 

201 Connecticut Avenue NW
Washington, DC

Scooby-Doo: Ruh-Roh, Raggy!

Four-year-old boy: Mom…mom, I have to go potty.
Mom: Okay… Just a minute.
Four-year-old boy: Mom… Mom…I have to gooooo.
Mom: Okay…I said in just a minute.
Grandmother (standing up): I’ll take him.
Mom: That’s okay, I’ll take him.
(grandmother turns away to sit down)
Four-year-old boy: Mom, I just gotta go to!
Mom: Okay honey… Just hold it for one second!
Four-year-old boy: Hold what?

Mexican Restaurant
Huntsville, Alabama

Overheard by: Melonia S