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Um, Actually

Office girl #1: Anyway, that’s how this giant hoo-hah got started in the first place.
(snickering comes from nearby cubicles)
Office girl #1: What? Did I use the wrong word?
Office girl #2: Well, that depends on what you’re talking about.
Boss man: I think you mean ‘hoopla,” but you basically just said “giant vagina.”

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Overheard by: freudianflip

Psh, Like That Matters

Secretary: Wait, don’t you have to be in the military to run for president?
Worker: No. I’ve taken karate in the past, so I get to skip that step.
Secretary: Oh… But do you really think you’d get enough votes?

5000 South Lewis Avenue
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Overheard by: Whoa Now

2PM Review Candidates

Boss #1: We can use [Derek] as our field supervisor; he knows how to do the work.
Boss #2: Is he still a drunk?
Boss #1: Yeah. His wife left him.
Boss #2: He has always been a drinker.
Boss #1: So we’ll put him in charge of everything and he can run the crews. We’ll pay his expenses and give him the company truck.
Boss #2: Okay. Sounds good to me. Maybe stuff will start getting done now.

8221 NW Expressway Street
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma