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It’s Pos­si­ble You Won’t Be­lieve What You See

Ship­ping clerk: I have a pack­age here for you.
Asian sci­en­tist: What is in the box?
Ship­ping clerk: I don’t know, but it’s prob­a­bly cells, since it says ‘dry ice.‘
Asian sci­en­tist: But what’s in the box?
Ship­ping clerk: Why don’t we take it to the lab and open the box?
Asian sci­en­tist: Okay, but what’s in the box?
Amer­i­can sci­en­tist: I think that’s the stuff you or­dered.
Asian sci­en­tist: Oh, yes, okay. But what can pos­si­bly be in the box?

Colum­bus, Ohio