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The Personal Is Political

Woman #1: Your boss asked you to be sure to attend the company party at a strip club!?
Woman #2: Yeah, what’s so bad about that?
Woman #1: Well, you’re going to be surrounded by naked, gyrating ladies, and that’s sexist and outrageous!
Woman #2: Really? I was looking forward to seeing my sister.

630 East Lake
Chicago, Illinois

The Guy at the Burrito Counter Winked at Me, and I Lost All Control

Frustrated supervisor to quitting employee: And I'll need your password for your computer. Why don't you just give me that now?
Employee, mumbling: It's “Latinomneeee.”
Supervisor: Did you say “Latino E”? I couldn't understand you.
Employee: No, it's “Latino heat.”
(awkward silence)
Employee: I guess I was feeling a little frisky that day.

Brooklyn, New York

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