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We Present: An In­stant Cus­tomer Ser­vice Clas­sic

Cus­tomer: Why are you billing me for this stuff?
CSR: Did you make the pur­chas­es on your cred­it card state­ment?
Cus­tomer: Yes, but I al­ready paid for them. I used my cred­it card.
CSR: Yes, but now you have to pay your cred­it card bill.
Cus­tomer: That’s stu­pid. Why would I pay for some­thing twice?

4325 17th Av­enue S.
Far­go, North Dako­ta

So How Long You Been With the Es­cort Ser­vice?

South­ern woman: No! You suck the head be­cause that’s where all the juice is!
Con­fused em­ploy­ee #1: I thought your shirt said “Bite the head off and eat the meat!“
Con­fused em­ploy­ee #2: What the fuck are you sadis­tic bitch­es talk­ing about?
South­ern woman (laugh­ing): Craw­dads! I’m talk­ing about craw­dads!

West Far­go, North Dako­ta

Over­heard by: Ori­on