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Sor­ry, the Clown Suit Keeps Throw­ing Me Off

Lead an­i­ma­tor: Quit goof­ing off!
An­i­ma­tor: I’m not.
Lead an­i­ma­tor: I said no goof­ing off! Get to work!
An­i­ma­tor: I am work­ing.
Lead an­i­ma­tor, hit­ting an­i­ma­tor with poster: No talk­ing! Get to work!
An­i­ma­tor: I am work­ing!
Lead an­i­ma­tor: [Picks up com­put­er mouse, and throws it across the desk.] Get to work! No talk­ing!

Las Cruces, New Mex­i­co

Over­heard by: pret­ty pic­ture guy

Though, to Be Fair, You’re Not Even an Em­ploy­ee Here.

Male cowork­er: It’s one o’­clock al­ready? Man, this day is fly­ing by so fast!
Fe­male cowork­er: It’s drag­ging for me.
Male cowork­er: Last time I looked at the clock it was on­ly 11 am. Man, where did the time go?
Fe­male cowork­er: That’s be­cause you’re old and you keep falling asleep and wak­ing up an hour lat­er!

Al­bu­querque, New Mex­i­co

Over­heard by: Janet

…But Nev­er Sleep with Him.

New su­per­vi­sor: I’m not sure how to code one of my em­ploy­ees. She’s been out for over a week with a med­ical con­di­tion.
HR as­sis­tant: You should talk to Dave*. He’s the STD ex­pert.
New su­per­vi­sor: It’s not that kind of a con­di­tion…
HR as­sis­tant: I meant “Short Term Dis­abil­i­ty.”

San­ta Fe, New Mex­i­co

Over­heard by: Jean­nie