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10AM Tech Support

Tech support rep: …the accelerator card. No, the one connected to your array. OK, uplug that.


Tech support rep: OK, are you grounded?


Tech support rep: OK, gently pull it from the slot.


Tech support rep: Now lick it.

Pause, snickering, then slight panic.

Tech support rep: No sir. I was just kidding.

290 Donald Lynch Blvd.
Marlborough, Massachusetts

Overheard by: James McCabe

4PM Brainstorming Session

New training manager: Back in the day, I had a great idea. I know we’re into this touchy-feely self-esteem human resource stuff, but I said: “Take the supervisor who has the highest rate of unqualified, untrained direct reports, walk him to the end of the pier, and shoot him!” They told me I couldn’t do that. But it would have been effective!

75 Eastern Point Road
Groton, Connecticut