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Like Bathing in Christian Dior’s Saliva

Agent #1: So, I see this girl, you know, in the grocery store. And she’s just this freak of a girl. A tall, thin freak. And it’s like this beam of light just descends on her, basking her in the smell of success. You know those moments?
Agent #2: The moments where you see tall, thin freaks?
Agent #1: Well, yeah — it’s like time stands still and you know you’ve just gotten the gold.
Agent #2: Yeah. It’s a religious experience.
Agent #1: Completely. Completely religious.

Outside DNA modeling agency, 5th Avenue
New York, New York

Presenting: The Nerdiest Coversation Ever Held

Engineer #1: A charred, dark husk of evil smoldering into infinity would be cool.
Engineer #2: I’d prefer the Dyson Sphere. Though I personally find Niven ringworlds much more aesthetically pleasing.
Engineer #1: But a husk!
Engineer #2: A Dyson sphere could be kind of a husk.
Engineer #1: Come on! Spooky husk!
Engineer #2: No! No spooky husk!
Engineer #1: Aww.
Engineer #2: …We can make the Dyson Sphere kind of spooky if you insist.

401 Elliott Avenue W
Seattle, Washington

Overheard by: Bjorn Townsend 

Pastriform Encephalopathy

Tech #1: I’m starving. I should live off of my excess fat, like a doughboy.
Tech #2: I’ve never seen the Pillsbury Doughboy eat. He’s always right by food but never takes any.
Tech #1: Exactly… Hey, do you think if he ate a biscuit he would get the doughboy version of mad cow?

109 T.W. Alexander Drive
Durham, North Carolina