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Like Bathing in Chris­t­ian Dior’s Sali­va

Agent #1: So, I see this girl, you know, in the gro­cery store. And she’s just this freak of a girl. A tall, thin freak. And it’s like this beam of light just de­scends on her, bask­ing her in the smell of suc­cess. You know those mo­ments?
Agent #2: The mo­ments where you see tall, thin freaks?
Agent #1: Well, yeah — it’s like time stands still and you know you’ve just got­ten the gold.
Agent #2: Yeah. It’s a re­li­gious ex­pe­ri­ence.
Agent #1: Com­plete­ly. Com­plete­ly re­li­gious.

Out­side DNA mod­el­ing agency, 5th Av­enue
New York, New York