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Yours Is the “Lol­lipop Guild” Song, for No Rea­son What­so­ev­er

Cube rat #1: Oh, I love that ring­tone! That’s from Wiz­ard of Oz, is­n’t it?
Cube rat #2: Yeah, Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead is my fa­vorite song in that whole movie.
Cube rat #1: Who called?
Cube rat #2: My moth­er-in-law.
Cube rat #1, lauhging: Got any oth­ers?
Cube rat #2: Yeah, I’ve got If I On­ly Had a Brain on there, too.
Cube rat #1: Who’s that one for?
Cube rat #2: My boss.

Bossier City, Louisiana

What About This “Paula Ab­dul” All the Kids Are Talk­ing About?

25-year-old: All you lis­ten to is old mu­sic, like David Bowie ‘n shit.
40-year-old: I don’t lis­ten to just old stuff! I lis­ten to new stuff too!
(turns ra­dio to Eveer­clear, Fa­ther of Mine)
40-year-old: See? This is new!
25-year-old: You kid­din? This is like ten years old!
40-year-old: Damnit.

Ply­mouth Meet­ing, Penn­syl­va­nia

Over­heard by: back seat dri­ver