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2PM Routine Transaction

Teller: Sir, can you please send in your ID since you want to cash this check

Customer: Well, there’s a problem. I lost my ID, but I can give you my social security number, birthday, and even tell you the last several transactions on my account to verify.

Teller: Ok, what’s your birthday and social?

Customer: [gives information]

Teller: Ok, what were the last three charges on your account?

Customer: [gives information]

Teller: So…what’s this $450 charge Passion Parties?

Customer: [Laughter] Uh, that’s something my wife is involved in.

730 Adkins Boulevard
Jackson, Mississippi

Overheard by: Nathan Best

Oh, Go Ahead — I Need to Lose Some Weight, Anyway

Black woman: Cecil* has this giant boil on his back and he got this idea about using the vacuum cleaner…
White woman: Stop! I’m eating lunch here. No stories about boils.
Black woman: Would a story about Cecil’s idea about constipation and a vacuum cleaner be alright?

5760 East Highway 80
Pearl, Mississippi

Overheard by: Brain Dancing