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This Drama­ti­za­tion of the Im­por­tance of Neg­a­tive Num­bers is the Grit­ti­est School­house Rock Yet

CSR: Cus­tomer Ser­vice, this is Sheri*. May I have your ac­count num­ber please?
Cus­tomer: Why is my ac­count neg­a­tive?!
CSR: Well, if you give me your ac­count num­ber, I can look it up and go over your trans­ac­tions with you.

Cus­tomer gives in­for­ma­tion, CSR ver­i­fies, and the con­ver­sa­tion con­tin­ues.

CSR: Well, ma’am, looks like your open­ing de­posit on Tues­day was 25 dol­lars… And then you with­drew 40 dol­lars from the ATM on Fri­day.
Cus­tomer: And…?
CSR: Well, 25 dol­lars mi­nus 40 dol­lars is neg­a­tive 15 dol­lars.
Cus­tomer: I don’t un­der­stand what you are try­ing to tell me.

Min­neapo­lis, Min­neso­ta

Some­times a Box Pun Quote Just Makes Our Day

Fe­male old­er ad­min: That’s not my box.
Male su­per­vi­sor: Well, it was list­ed as yours.
Fe­male old­er ad­min: Not my box. Not my box.
Male su­per­vi­sor: Well, maybe Kate just thought it looked like yours.
Fe­male old­er ad­min: Nope. (pause) I am still miss­ing my box. That is not my box.
Male su­per­vi­sor: Hm­mm, Car­o­line was miss­ing her box too, maybe this is her box. (loud­er) Hey Car­o­line, what does your box look like?
Car­o­line: What?
Fe­male old­er ad­min, un­der breath: Not my box.

Brook­lyn Cen­ter, Min­neso­ta

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