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5PM That’s a Wrap

Boss: Did you hear what Gwyneth Paltrow named her new baby?
Peon: Yeah, Moses. That’s old news.
Boss: I wonder what she’ll name the next one.
Peon: Well, it looks like she’s going in order from the Bible. It’ll probably be Caleb or Joshua.
Boss: You sure know a lot about the Bible for someone who’s not religious.
Peon: I worked in a church for two years, it’s hard not to pick something up.
Boss: Oh yeah? My mother’s worked in a church for twenty years, and the only thing she’s picked up is drinking.

800 East 28th Street
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Overheard by: jearu

9AM Back to Work

Hosting rep: Alright sir, I reset your password so you can log in.
Hosting rep: Are you ready for it now?
Hosting rep: Ok sir, it’s all capital letters… It is I‑D-1 – 0‑T.

4800 Concentric Boulevard
Saginaw, Michigan

4PM Doing Rounds

Nurse: What is the single dose of Kaletra?
Nurse manager: 400 and 100.
Nurse: So 500.
Nurse manager: 400 and 100
Nurse: Right. So 500?
Nurse manager: 400 and 100.
Nurse: So wouldn’t 400 and 100 be 500?
Nurse manager: Well obviously you would get 500; I thought you could just do the math all on your own.

550 North University Blvd
Indianapolis, Indiana

1PM Long Term Planning

Subordinate #1, middle-aged: So, how’s your broken toe doing, [Sara]?

VP [Sara]: It still hurts, but after four tries, I finally found a pair of high heels I can stand in.

Subordinate #1: Should you be doing that yet?

VP: I have a date tonight and need to look cute.

Subordinate 2, older: You shouldn’t be wearing heels yet. You’re going to ruin your feet so that when you’re old like me you’ll be able to wear only ugly shoes.

VP: I’ll be married by then, so it won’t matter!

208 South LaSalle
Chicago, Illinois

9AM Back to Work

Salesman: I am so sorry I am late. My mom forgot to wake me up.
Manager: You’ve got to be kidding me.

740 North Larch Avenue
Elmhurst, Illinois

Overheard by: Albie