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Sir, You Need More Ser­vices Than I Can Pro­vide

CSR: OK, sir, go ahead and click on the lo­go in the top left of your screen.
Cus­tomer, on phone: I don’t see that. I’m on a page that says “Wel­come,” then “My Pro­file.“
CSR: OK, go ahead and click on “My Pro­file.“
Cus­tomer: I don’t see that.

9800 Fred­er­icks­burg Road
San An­to­nio, Texas

Over­heard by: Ray­dran

Kind­ly Do Not Demon­strate

Woman: So if you’ve nev­er done it be­fore, it’s go­ing to hurt the first time and maybe even bleed a bit.
Man: Uh huh.
Woman: So don’t be afraid. You should try it. It’s def­i­nite­ly worth it.

Oth­er peo­ple in el­e­va­tor shuf­fle un­com­fort­ably.

Woman: Um…So floss­ing is cru­cial to good den­tal hy­giene.

Hous­ton, Texas