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4PM Transcribing

Supervisor: Just do whatever’s easier for you.
Word processor: It’s easiest to do it this way, ’cause then I don’t have to think.
Supervisor: Well, you want to think a little bit…
Word processor: Nah, not really.

1 World Financial Center
New York, New York

Why I Started Eating Lunch in My Car

Employee #1: What the fuck. This sandwich is impossible.
Employee #2: It looks like a big, gaping vagina.
Employee #1: It’s like eating out a big vagina. Look! Chunks are falling off!
Employee #2: Your sandwich has an STD! Like hooker poon.
Employee #3, holding identical sandwich missing a single bite: Well, looks like I’m done. If anyone wants my dirty vagina sandwich you’re welcome to it. Thanks for the lunch convo.

Worcester, Massachusetts

Overheard by: Kathryn