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9AM Back to the Farm

Project Manager: I hate these cubicles. Oh wait, they are not cubicles anymore. What are we supposed to call them? Coffices?
Field Manager: I like veal pens or officles.

85 E Street
South Portland, Maine

Overheard by: brian brinegar 

What Exactly Constitutes “Smearing”?

Associate to customer on phone about beef recall: We are only recalling meat with the dates April 28th through June 6th on it.
Customer: Well, mine is dated June 23rd. Can I eat it?
Associate: Yes, ma’am. That’s not in our recall dates.
Customer: Are you sure it’s safe?
Associate: Yes ma’am. That meat wasn’t part of the recall.
Customer: What were the dates again?
Associate: April 28th to June 6th.
Customer: So, I won’t die?
Associate: Ma’am, unless you plan on smearing it on a pig and eating it raw, you are going to be fine.

Yarmouth, Maine