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He Aced the Mixed Drinks Por­tion of the Bar Ex­am

De­fense at­tor­ney: Ob­jec­tion, Your Hon­or. The pros­e­cu­tion con­tin­ues to as­sert this wit­ness is an ex­pert but has of­fered no ev­i­dence to sup­port the claim.
Judge: Sus­tained. Mr. Mar­tin*, is this wit­ness your ex­pert?
Pros­e­cu­tor: Yes, Your Hon­or.
Judge: Would you care to es­tab­lish for the court why the wit­ness is an ex­pert in the field of pe­di­atrics?
Pros­e­cu­tor: Cause he…ummm…knows stuff?

State Court
Austin, Texas

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2PM Up­date Le­gal Sched­ules

Speak­er­phone: …but then they said my tri­al was resched­uled for De­cem­ber 3rd, and then the oth­er day I got a no­tice that said it was for De­cem­ber 1st and I just want­ed to tell [Leslie] that they’re chang­ing it.
Sec­re­tary: Um, okay, sor­ry, but the 3rd of De­cem­ber is a Sat­ur­day. Speak­er­phone: I’m not go­ing to ar­gue with you! I’m just telling you what they said!
Sec­re­tary: Um, ok.

3 South Pinck­ney Street
Madi­son, Wis­con­sin

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